India is an agrarian country, where more than 50% of citizens are dependent on agriculture for their livelihood. Today, the crop protection products sector is a fast developing industry, which is open to innovation. The agrochemicals market is also propelled by factors like growing population and the need for minimizing crop damage.

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We Breathe Excellence


We Breathe Excellence

More than just a motto, this philosophy has been the key to RMCPL’s success in building mutually beneficial long-term relationships with all its customers, suppliers, and people, and has helped the company to fulfill its commitments over the years. We believe in the consistency of quality and we have been certified for our standard quality.

Through leadership and teamwork, we make continual and timely improvements, focusing on meeting customer needs and the industry’s highest standards. We will continue to deliver quality products and services to increase our customers’ trust and satisfaction.

RMCPL is the largest and unique manufacturer of Manganese Sulphate solution and a truly a pioneer in the field.

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Safe Working Environment

Delivering the Best while Ensuring Complete Safety

RMCPL has taken the essential steps to protect our team from the virus during these unprecedented times. In the process, RMCPL has maintained a dependable flow of products and ensured transparency.
While the pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges both for people and organizations, RMCPL has been following regulations strictly and is well-prepared. These past months have really demonstrated that only together can we succeed in overcoming this crisis. The well-being of our employees and supplying our customers with the best has been our utmost priority as always.

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Indofil – Innovation Award

Appreciated by Indofil Chemicals Company for our contribution by employing innovative processes of manufacturing.


Indofil – Excellent Services Award

Honoured by the prestigious Indofil Chemicals Company for our excellent services during 1991-92.


Alumnus Award

Our Founder & Managing Director Mr. Sunil Vanarse received Distinguished Alumnus Award (Entrepreneur) for the year 2013-14 by ICT, a premier chemical technology institute of India.


Indofil – Long Association Award

Reshmika Minerals and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. was recognized for our contribution and commitment to Indofil Chemicals Company's success.


Marathi Udyog Bhushan Award

Our Founder & Managing Director Mr. Sunil Vanarse received Marathi Udyog Bhushan Award by Marathi Vyavsayik Udyojak Vyapari Mitramandal in 2017.


Govt. of Maharashtra Outstanding Entrepreneur Award

Our Founder & Managing Director Mr. Sunil Vanarse has been recognized as an outstanding entrepreneur by the Government of Maharashtra.


Rajeev Gandhi IT Excellence Award

Our Founder and Managing Director Mr. Sunil Vanarse was honored with Rajiv Gandhi IT Excellence Award 2018 by All India Professional Congress, Pune & Pune City District Congress Committee.


Among Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs in Indian Agriculture

Ms. Reshma Vanarse Chainani, leader of Vansum Industries, is recognized as a top 10 woman entrepreneur in Indian agriculture, her pioneering leadership driving our company to new heights and leaving a lasting impact on the industry.


Long-Term Association Award

Mr. Indranil Date, our Director, receives the Long-Term Association Award for LPG from Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, a testament to his 50 years of dedication, shaping industry standards with exemplary leadership.


Women of Impact Award at Triumphs of Talent!

Our CEO at Vansum Group Of Companies has won the Women of Impact Award at Triumphs of Talent, recognizing her outstanding leadership and industry contributions, reaffirming our commitment to empowerment and excellence.