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Mr. Sunil Murlidhar Vanarse

Age 65 years, is the Managing Director of the Group. He is a chemical Engineer from UDCT, Year 1969. A leading name in quality chemicals for over three decades. Initially various products e.g. Copper Acetate, Manganese Acetate, Manganese Sulphate were started. Ultimately with the growing demand for Manganese Sulphate solution from Indofil Chemical Company the production of other products were gradually stopped and the production of Manganese Sulphate Solution was the only product which was taken for manufacture and supply in bulk. He is India’s leading manufacturer of intermediate chemical solutions that find wide variety of uses in diverse fields such as industrial, textile, manufacturing, biotech, agricultural, animal husbandry and other with an illustrious background in Chemical Engineering, Mr. Vanarse forecast tremendous growth in IT Sector. With his vast industrial experience, Mr. Vanarse could also anticipate the perils and expenditure that the IT industries would face while setting up their own office infrastructure – Pune IT Park is a result of that astute vision.

Mrs. Surekh S Vanarse

Age 60 years, a graduate from Pune University B.A (Philosophy) in 1972. Started Kum Industries, a Partnership Firm in 1994 for process of manufacturing Manganese Sulphate Solution as well as Powder. Joined as Director of RCPPL in 1994. Elected to the Board of Directors of Cosmos Co-Op. Bank Limited in 2002. She has avid interest in Floriculture and Environment.