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Our product portfolio comprises of

MnSO4 Solution

Our production capacity is

MnSO4 Solution     60,000 MT per annum

Manganese having international demand and Is used for various purpose in different forms is a major Raw Material and the Manganese mines are highly in demand for these products. The major requirement of Manganese is in the form of MnO2 (Manganese Di Oxide), MnO (Manganous Oxide) and MnSO4 (Manganese Sulphate).

MnSO4 comes in two forms viz. liquid i.e. solution and other is Monohydrate known as MnSO4.H2O. The solution is a major raw material for production of Mancozeb a fungicide which is a major Fertilizer for the farmers.

The bulk production of solution was pioneered by our group and even today we are the largest manufacturers of Solution in India. This has been achieved due to building up a high reputation for consistency in quality, and uninterrupted & unabated supply.